Northwest Catholic Softball League

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Current Standings - 2024

(DW) = Division Winner
(PW) = Playoff Winner

Scores are reported to league officers and posted Fridays
Teams are sorted by points and then alphabetically

Standings are now updated as of 8/15/2023

Playoff Results

Division 1

St. James

Division 2

St. Mary (W)

Division 3

St. Genevieve (B)

Division 4

St. Mary (B)


Gray Beards

(DW) = Division Winner

Pacific Division

TeamsWLTPTS# Game's
O.L. Loretto600126
St. James41196
St. Kenneth33177
St. Mary (G)32065
St. Priscilla33066
St. Robert (W)23045
St. Thomas (R )25047
St. Edith06006

American Division

TeamsWLTPTS# Game's
St. Robert (B)520107
O.L.G.C. (B)32287
St. Michael (R)32176
St. Thomas (B)33066
St. Valentine (W)22266
St. Mary (W)14136
St. Valentine (R)15137

Federal Division

TeamsWLTPTS# Game's
St. Genevieve (B)610127
St. Sabina610127
St. John (W)43087
St. Colette26048
St. Dunstan25047
St. John (B)25047

Atlantic Division

TeamsWLTPTS# Game's
O.L.G.C (GN)500105
St. Linus (O)40195
Holy Family (R)33066
O.L. Sorrows32065
St. Mary (B)31064
St. Mary (R)22155
Holy Family (B)07007
St. Aidan05005

Classic Division East

TeamsWLTPTS# Game's
Worn Leather610127
Gray Beards41085
Salty Dawgs43087
Glory Daze24046

Classic Division West

TeamsWLTPTS# Game's
Big Money33066
Dead Tired25047
Raymond James14025