Northwest Catholic Softball League


NCSL season 2021

The Northwest Catholic Softball League is a non-profit organization that provides adult softball in the West – Northwest Detroit area for men over the age of 29. Since 1958, the League has provided recreational softball, competitive at multiple levels, for Catholic men affiliated with parishes in the Northwest Vicariate.


All bats must have a NWCSL sticker to be used in the games. Contact VP – Ken Byrnes Cell: 734-658-6641 or or other executive board member.

Northwest Catholic Softball League Policies –

Bat List 2021


Managers Meeting – Thursday, September 30 at the St. Kenneth parish hall

It’s important that the managers, or a designated representative be present.

Meeting Agenda

  • Awarding the division and playoff champions

By-law changes

  • Moving to 65 ft. bases
    • The Northwest Catholic Softball League abides by USA (formerly ASA) Softball rules. In the USA guidelines for Men’s Slow Pitch Softball field dimensions, 65’ is the recommended distance for bases. 50’ pitching rubber distance will not be affected. 
      1. This move will speed up games with more put outs made possible on the bases
      2. Scoring will be reduced since it will be more difficult to sustain rallies with longer base distances
      3. With player safety in mind, infielders will be able to play further back from the hitter and still cover bases efficiently
  • Changing the strike zone ‘mat’. Pdf Diagram
    • The mat would be moved back to the rear of home plate and made of 3/4” plywood. The change in material will allow for a distinctive “knock” when struck by a pitched ball that will signify a strike. The actual home plate will no longer be a strike!
    • This will make batters move back (toward catcher) in the batters box and further from the pitcher. Again, player (pitcher) safety is the driving force for this proposal. The knocking sound helps eliminate the umpire trying to determine if a ball hit the edges previous soft mats. 

Pizza and drinks will be available starting at 6:30 pm, and our meeting will begin no later than 7:00 pm

Special Announcements

Congratulations to the playoff division winners

Division 1 – St. James              Division 2 – St. Priscilla
Division 3 – St. Robert (B)        Classic – Legends

Congratulations to the Three Softball Amigos!

St. Kenneth celebrates Jim McLaughlin, Lane Ritter and Raymond Smock for (40+) years of being members of the St Kenneth softball team. 

Lane and Ray are the original founding members of the St Kenneth team joining the NCSL in 1979, while Jim joined the team in 1980 and has served as it’s head coach for (35) years.

Jim has also served as a league board member for over (25+) years.

(L to R) Jim McLaughlin, Lane Ritter, Raymond Smock
(L to R) Jim McLaughlin, Lane Ritter, Raymond Smock

Octogenarian Len Koelzer, Sr. played in his first game this season on Monday, July 19. That appearance made it forty years of play for Len.  Len has been part of St. John blue’s team since it’s inception, serving as player, manager, and sponsor over the forty years.  Additionally, three sons (Len, Jr., Mike, and Pat) and one grandson (Tim) have played on St. John Blue’s team with him.  Please congratulate Len on his feat.

On Tuesday, July 5 the St. Mary Cause of Our Joy team and parish honored Gene Boduch for his dedicated service to the parish and as president of the NCSL. Pictured is Gene with his family under the sign