Northwest Catholic Softball League

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Classic Division

Game moved to 6/13/2024 for Legends vs Big Money and created a double header at St. Mary.

Change of field and time for Stingers vs Raymond James on 6/13/2024 from St. Mary to St. John Neumann at 6:15 PM

Game moved to 7/25/2024 for Gray Beards vs Stingers and created a double header at Bell Creek

Change of field and time for Salty Dawgs vs Big Money on 7/25/2024 from Bell Creek to St. Kenneth

Game moved to 8/8/2024 for Glory Daze vs Raymond James at St. Mary and 6:15 PM

Game moved to 8/8/2024 from 6/6/2024 for Gray Beards vs Glory Daze at St. Mary and 7:30 PM, Posted 6/7/2024

Game moved to 7/2/2024 for Raymond James vs Big Money from 6/6/2024, Posted 6/11/2024


Thursday5/2/20247:15 PMStingersWorn LeatherSt. John Neumann
Thursday5/2/20246:00 PMOutpatientsLegendsSt. Kenneth
Thursday5/2/20247:15 PMRaymond JamesSalty DawgsSt. Kenneth
Thursday5/2/20246:00 PMBig MoneyDead TiredSt. Colette
Thursday5/2/20247:15 PMGlory DazeGray BeardsSt. Colette
Thursday5/9/20246:00 PMSalty DawgsWorn LeatherSt. KennethMoved to 5/23/2024
Thursday5/9/20247:15 PMStingersGray BeardsSt. KennethMoved to 7/25/2024
Thursday5/9/20246:00 PMBig MoneyLegendsSt. MaryMoved to 6/13/2024
Thursday5/9/20247:15 PMGlory DazeRaymond JamesSt. MaryMoved to 8/8/2024
Thursday5/9/20247:15 PMDead TiredOutpatientsTransfigurationMoved to 5/23/2024
Thursday5/16/20246:00 PMBig MoneyRaymond JamesSt. Colette
Thursday5/16/20247:15 PMWorn LeatherOutpatientsSt. Colette
Thursday5/16/20246:00 PMLegendsGlory DazeSt. KennethNew Field
Thursday5/16/20247:15 PMSalty DawgsStingersSt. KennethNew Field
Thursday5/16/20246:45 PMDead TiredGray BeardsTransfigurationNew Time
Thursday5/23/20246:00 PMGray BeardsBig MoneyBell Creek
Thursday5/23/20247:15 PMRaymond JamesLegendsBell Creek
Thursday5/23/20246:00 PMSalty DawgsWorn LeatherSt. ColetteDH
Thursday5/23/20247:15 PMWorn LeatherSalty DawgsSt. ColetteDH
Thursday5/23/20247:15 PMStingersGlory DazeSt. Kenneth
Thursday5/23/20246:00 PMOutpatientsDead TiredTransfigurationDH
Thursday5/23/20247:15 PMDead TiredOutpatientsTransfigurationDH
Thursday5/30/20246:00 PMGray BeardsSalty DawgsSt. Kenneth
Thursday5/30/20247:15 PMOutpatientsBig MoneySt. Kenneth
Thursday5/30/20246:00 PMLegendsRaymond JamesSt. Mary
Thursday5/30/20247:15 PMWorn LeatherGlory DazeSt. Mary
Thursday5/30/20247:15 PMDead TiredStingersTransfiguration
Thursday6/6/20246:15 PMGray BeardsGlory DazeBell CreekField issues Moved to 8/8/2024
Thursday6/6/20247:30 PMRaymond JamesBig MoneyBell CreekField issues Moved to 7/2/2024
Thursday6/6/20247:30 PMWorn LeatherStingersSt. Colette
Thursday6/6/20246:15 PMLegendsOutpatientsSt. Mary
Thursday6/6/20247:30 PMSalty DawgsDead TiredSt. Mary
Thursday6/13/20246:15 PMStingersRaymond JamesSt. John Neumann
Thursday6/13/20247:30 PMWorn LeatherDead TiredSt. John Neumann
Thursday6/13/20246:15 PMOutpatientsGray BeardsSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/13/20247:30 PMGlory DazeSalty DawgsSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/13/20246:15 PMBig MoneyLegendsSt. MaryDH
Thursday6/13/20246:15 PMLegendsBig MoneySt. MaryDH
Thursday6/20/20246:15 PMGray BeardsRaymond JamesBell Creek
Thursday6/20/20247:30 PMSalty DawgsGlory DazeBell Creek
Thursday6/20/20246:15 PMOutpatientsStingersSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/20/20247:30 PMWorn LeatherLegendsSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/20/20247:30 PMDead TiredBig MoneyTransfiguration
Thursday6/27/20246:15 PMRaymond JamesOutpatientsSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/27/20247:30 PMSalty DawgsGray BeardsSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/27/20246:15 PMBig MoneyWorn LeatherSt. Mary
Thursday6/27/20247:30 PMGlory DazeStingersSt. Mary
Thursday6/27/20247:30 PMDead TiredLegendsTransfiguration
Thursday7/2/20247:00 PMRaymond JamesBig MoneySt. MaryMoved from 6/6/2024
Thursday7/11/20246:15 PMBig MoneyGlory DazeSt. Colette
Thursday7/11/20247:30 PMRaymond JamesDead TiredSt. Colette
Thursday7/11/20247:30 PMWorn LeatherGray BeardsSt. John Neumann
Thursday7/11/20246:15 PMSalty DawgsOutpatientsSt. Kenneth
Thursday7/11/20247:30 PMStingersLegendsSt. Kenneth
Thursday7/18/20246:15 PMGray BeardsWorn LeatherBell Creek
Thursday7/18/20247:30 PMGlory DazeOutpatientsBell Creek
Thursday7/18/20246:15 PMLegendsSalty DawgsSt. Mary
Thursday7/18/20247:30 PMStingersBig MoneySt. Mary
Thursday7/18/20247:30 PMDead TiredRaymond JamesTransfiguration
Thursday7/25/20246:15 PMGray BeardsStingersBell CreekDH
Thursday7/25/20247:30 PMStingersGray BeardsBell CreekDH
Thursday7/25/20246:15 PMSalty DawgsBig MoneySt. Kenneth
Thursday7/25/20247:30 PMOutpatientsRaymond JamesSt. Kenneth
Thursday7/25/20246:15 PMLegendsDead TiredSt. Mary
Thursday7/25/20247:30 PMGlory DazeWorn LeatherSt. Mary
Thursday8/1/20247:30 PMGray BeardsLegendsBell Creek
Thursday8/1/20246:15 PMBig MoneyOutpatientsSt. Colette
Thursday8/1/20247:30 PMGlory DazeDead TiredSt. Colette
Thursday8/1/20246:15 PMRaymond JamesWorn LeatherSt. Mary
Thursday8/1/20247:30 PMStingersSalty DawgsSt. Mary
Thursday8/8/20246:15 PMGlory DazeRaymond JamesSt. MaryDH for Glory Daze
Thursday8/8/20247:30 PMGray BeardsGlory DazeSt. MaryFrom 6/6/24