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Posted 6/29/2022 9:27 AM

July 28 changed the game Worn Leather vs Dead Tired to Salty Dogs vs Dead Tired and switched Dead Tired to the home team.

June 30 Game moved for Outpatients vs Stingers, creating a double header at St. Kenneth.
Game for Gray Beards vs Salty Dawgs moved to St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy on 6/30/2022

Rainout update:
6/9/2022 Worn Leather vs Dead Tired has been moved to 8/4/2022 6:15 PM at Transfiguration
Field change:
8/4/2022 Worn Leather vs Gray Beards, is moved to Transfiguration at 7:15 PM

Thursday5/5/20226:00 PMLegendsBig MoneySt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday5/5/20227:15 PMStingersWorn LeatherSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday5/5/20226:00 PMSalty DawgsOutpatientsWestern / Graham
Thursday5/5/20227:15 PMGray BeardsDead TiredWestern / Graham
Thursday5/12/20226:00 PMRaymond JamesBig MoneySt. Kenneth
Thursday5/12/20227:15 PMOutpatientsWorn LeatherSt. Kenneth
Thursday5/12/20226:00 PMLegendsGray BeardsSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday5/12/20227:15 PMSalty DawgsDead TiredSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday5/19/20226:00 PMStingersSalty DawgsSt. Colette
Thursday5/19/20227:15 PMRaymond JamesLegendsSt. Colette
Thursday5/19/20226:00 PMBig MoneyOutpatientsTransfiguration
Thursday5/19/20227:15 PMDead TiredGray BeardsTransfiguration
Thursday5/26/20226:00 PMWorn LeatherBig MoneySt. Kenneth
Thursday5/26/20227:15 PMSalty DawgsLegendsSt. Kenneth
Thursday5/26/20226:00 PMRaymond JamesDead TiredTransfiguration
Thursday5/26/20227:15 PMStingersOutpatientsTransfiguration
Thursday6/2/20226:15 PMOutpatientsGray BeardsSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/2/20227:30 PMBig MoneyDead TiredSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/2/20226:15 PMWorn LeatherSalty DawgsSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday6/2/20227:30 PMRaymond JamesStingersSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday6/9/20226:15 PMOutpatientsBig MoneySt. Kenneth
Thursday6/9/20227:30 PMGray BeardsStingersSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/9/20226:15 PMLegendsRaymond JamesTransfiguration
Thursday6/9/20227:30 PMWorn LeatherDead TiredTransfiguration
Thursday6/16/20226:15 PMLegendsOutpatientsSt. Colette
Thursday6/16/20227:30 PMStingersDead TiredSt. Colette
Thursday6/16/20226:15 PMBig MoneyGray BeardsSt. John Neumann
Thursday6/16/20227:30 PMSalty DawgsRaymond JamesSt. John Neumann
Thursday6/23/20226:15 PMDead TiredLegendsSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/23/20227:30 PMOutpatientsRaymond JamesSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/23/20226:15 PMWorn LeatherStingersSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday6/23/20227:30 PMSalty DawgsGray BeardsSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday6/30/20226:15 PMBig MoneyLegendsSt. Colette
Thursday6/30/20227:30 PMRaymond JamesWorn LeatherSt. Colette
Thursday6/30/20226:15 PMGray BeardsSalty DawgsSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday6/30/20226:15 PMOutpatientsStingersSt. Kenneth
Thursday6/30/20227:30 PMStingersOutpatientsSt. Kenneth
Thursday7/7/20226:15 PMBig MoneyRaymond JamesSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday7/7/20227:30 PMLegendsSalty DawgsSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Thursday7/7/20226:15 PMGray BeardsWorn LeatherWestern / Graham
Thursday7/7/20227:30 PMDead TiredOutpatientsWestern / Graham
Thursday7/14/20226:15 PMLegendsWorn LeatherSt. Colette
Thursday7/14/20227:30 PMDead TiredStingersSt. Colette
Thursday7/14/20226:15 PMSalty DawgsBig MoneyWestern / Graham
Thursday7/14/20227:30 PMGray BeardsRaymond JamesWestern / Graham
Thursday7/21/20226:15 PMOutpatientsSalty DawgsSt. Kenneth
Thursday7/21/20227:30 PMWorn LeatherLegendsSt. Kenneth
Thursday7/21/20226:15 PMBig MoneyStingersTransfiguration
Thursday7/21/20227:30 PMDead TiredRaymond JamesTransfiguration
Thursday7/28/20226:15 PMStingersLegendsSt. Kenneth
Thursday7/28/20227:30 PMDead TiredSalty DawgsSt. Kenneth
Thursday7/28/20226:15 PMRaymond JamesWorn LeatherWestern / Graham
Thursday7/28/20227:30 PMGray BeardsOutpatientsWestern / Graham
Thursday8/4/20226:15 PMStingersBig MoneySt. Colette
Thursday8/4/20226:15 PMWorn LeatherDead TiredTransfiguration
Thursday8/4/20227:30 PMWorn LeatherGray BeardsTransfiguration