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Posted 9/29/2022 9:27 AM

Game times changed for games played at Transfiguration
New dates for St. Robert (B) vs St. John (W) from 8/1 to 7/18 and field change Resurrection vs St. Genevieve (B)

Monday5/2/20226:00 PMResurrectionSt. Valentine (W)St. John Neumann
Monday5/2/20227:15 PMSt. Genevieve (B)St. John (W)St. John Neumann
Monday5/2/20226:00 PMSt. Robert (W)St. Robert (B)Western / Graham
Monday5/9/20226:00 PMSt. Genevieve (B)St. John (W)St. John Neumann
Monday5/9/20226:00 PMResurrectionSt. Robert (B)St. Kenneth
Monday5/9/20227:15 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. Robert (W)St. Kenneth
Monday5/16/20226:00 PMSt. Genevieve (B)ResurrectionSt. Kenneth
Monday5/16/20227:15 PMSt. John (W)St. Robert (B)St. Kenneth
Monday5/16/20226:00 PMSt. Robert (W)St. Valentine (W)Transfiguration
Monday5/23/20226:00 PMResurrectionSt. John (W)St. John Neumann
Monday5/23/20227:15 PMSt. John (W)ResurrectionSt. John Neumann
Monday5/23/20226:00 PMSt. Robert (W)St. Valentine (W)St. Kenneth
Monday5/23/20227:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Genevieve (B)Transfiguration
Monday6/6/20227:30 PMSt. John (W)St. Valentine (W)St. John Neumann
Monday6/6/20226:15 PMSt. Genevieve (B)St. Robert (W)St. Kenneth
Monday6/6/20227:30 PMSt. Robert (W)St. Genevieve (B)St. Kenneth
Monday6/6/20227:30 PMSt. Robert (B)ResurrectionWestern / Graham
Monday6/13/20226:15 PMSt. John (W)St. Robert (B)St. John Neumann
Monday6/13/20226:15 PMResurrectionSt. Robert (W)St. Kenneth
Monday6/13/20227:30 PMSt. Robert (W)ResurrectionSt. Kenneth
Monday6/13/20226:15 PMSt. Genevieve (B)St. Valentine (W)Western / Graham
Monday6/13/20227:30 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. Genevieve (B)Western / Graham
Monday6/20/20226:15 PMSt. Robert (W)St. John (W)St. John Neumann
Monday6/20/20227:30 PMSt. John (W)St. Robert (W)St. John Neumann
Monday6/20/20227:30 PMSt. Valentine (W)ResurrectionSt. Kenneth
Monday6/20/20227:30 PMSt. Genevieve (B)St. Robert (B)Transfiguration
Monday6/27/20226:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Robert (W)St. John Neumann
Monday6/27/20227:30 PMSt. Valentine (W)ResurrectionSt. John Neumann
Monday7/11/20226:15 PMSt. Genevieve (B)St. John (W)St. John Neumann
Monday7/11/20227:30 PMSt. John (W)St. Genevieve (B)St. John Neumann
Monday7/11/20227:30 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Robert (W)St. Kenneth
Monday7/11/20227:30 PMSt. Valentine (W)ResurrectionWestern / Graham
Monday7/18/20226:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. John (W)St. John Neumann
Monday7/18/20227:30 PMSt. John (W)St. Robert (B)St. John Neumann
Monday7/18/20227:30 PMResurrectionSt. Genevieve (B)St. Kenneth
Monday7/18/20227:30 PMSt. Robert (W)St. Valentine (W)Western / Graham
Monday7/25/20227:30 PMResurrectionSt. Genevieve (B)St. Kenneth
Monday7/25/20226:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Robert (W)Transfiguration
Monday7/25/20227:30 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. John (W)Western / Graham
Monday8/1/20226:15 PMResurrectionSt. Genevieve (B)St. John Neumann
Monday8/1/20226:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Valentine (W)Western / Graham
Monday8/1/20227:30 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. Robert (B)Western / Graham