Northwest Catholic Softball League

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American Division

Rainout updates

8/5/2024 Double header for O.L.G.C (GN) vs O.L. Sorrows at St. Kenneth, Posted 5/3/2024

8/5/2024 Field and time change for St. Mary (W) vs O.L.G.C. (B) to St. John Neumann at 6:15 PM, Posted 5/3/2024

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Monday4/29/20246:00 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. Robert (B)St. John Neumann
Monday4/29/20247:15 PMSt. Michael (R)St. Thomas (B)St. Kenneth
Monday5/6/20246:00 PMSt. Valentine (W)O.L.G.C. (B)Bell Creek
Monday5/6/20247:15 PMSt. Mary (W)St. Michael (R)Bell Creek
Monday5/6/20247:15 PMResurrectionSt. Valentine (R)St. John Neumann
Monday5/6/20247:15 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. Robert (B)St. Kenneth
Monday5/13/20246:00 PMResurrectionSt. Michael (R)St. John Neumann
Monday5/13/20247:15 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. Valentine (W)St. John Neumann
Monday5/13/20246:00 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. Mary (W)St. Kenneth
Monday5/13/20247:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Valentine (R)St. Kenneth
Monday5/20/20246:00 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. Valentine (R)Bell Creek
Monday5/20/20247:15 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. Valentine (W)Bell Creek
Monday5/20/20246:00 PMResurrectionSt. Mary (W)St. John Neumann
Monday5/20/20247:15 PMSt. Mary (W)ResurrectionSt. John Neumann
Monday5/20/20246:00 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. Michael (R)St. Kenneth
Monday5/20/20247:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Thomas (B)St. Kenneth
Monday6/3/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (W)St. Valentine (W)Bell Creek
Monday6/3/20246:15 PMResurrectionSt. Robert (B)St. John Neumann
Monday6/3/20247:30 PMSt. Robert (B)ResurrectionSt. John Neumann
Monday6/3/20246:15 PMSt. Valentine (R)O.L.G.C. (B)St. Kenneth
Monday6/3/20247:30 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. Valentine (R)St. Kenneth
Monday6/3/20247:30 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. Michael (R)Transfiguration
Monday6/10/20246:15 PMResurrectionO.L.G.C. (B)St. John Neumann
Monday6/10/20247:30 PMSt. Michael (R)St. Mary (W)St. John Neumann
Monday6/10/20246:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Valentine (W)St. Kenneth
Monday6/10/20247:30 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. Valentine (R)St. Kenneth
Monday6/17/20246:15 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. Mary (W)St. John Neumann
Monday6/17/20247:30 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. Thomas (B)St. John Neumann
Monday6/17/20246:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Michael (R)St. Kenneth
Monday6/17/20247:30 PMO.L.G.C. (B)ResurrectionTransfiguration
Monday6/24/20246:15 PMSt. Valentine (W)ResurrectionBell Creek
Monday6/24/20247:30 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. Michael (R)Bell Creek
Monday6/24/20246:15 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. Mary (W)St. Kenneth
Monday6/24/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (W)St. Thomas (B)St. Kenneth
Monday6/24/20246:15 PMSt. Robert (B)O.L.G.C. (B)St. John Neumann
Monday7/8/20247:30 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. Mary (W)Bell Creek
Monday7/8/20247:30 PMResurrectionSt. Thomas (B)St. John Neumann
Monday7/8/20246:15 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. Valentine (W)St. Kenneth
Monday7/8/20247:30 PMSt. Michael (R)St. Robert (B)St. Kenneth
Monday7/15/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (W)St. Robert (B)Bell Creek
Monday7/15/20247:30 PMResurrectionSt. Valentine (W)St. John Neumann
Monday7/15/20246:15 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. Thomas (B)St. Kenneth
Monday7/15/20247:30 PMSt. Michael (R)St. Valentine (R)St. Kenneth
Monday7/22/20246:15 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. Robert (B)Bell Creek
Monday7/22/20246:15 PMSt. Thomas (B)ResurrectionSt. Kenneth
Monday7/22/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (W)St. Valentine (R)St. Kenneth
Monday7/22/20247:30 PMSt. Michael (R)O.L.G.C. (B)Transfiguration
Monday7/29/20246:15 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. Michael (R)Bell Creek
Monday7/29/20247:30 PMSt. Michael (R)St. Valentine (W)Bell Creek
Monday7/29/20247:30 PMSt. Valentine (R)ResurrectionSt. John Neumann
Monday7/29/20246:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Mary (W)Transfiguration
Monday7/29/20247:30 PMSt. Thomas (B)O.L.G.C. (B)Transfiguration
Monday8/5/20246:15 PMSt. Valentine (W)St. Thomas (B)Bell Creek
Monday8/5/20247:30 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. Robert (B)Bell Creek
Monday8/5/20246:15 PMSt. Mary (W)O.L.G.C. (B)St. John Neumann
Monday8/5/20247:30 PMSt. Michael (R)ResurrectionSt. John Neumann