Northwest Catholic Softball League

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Atlantic Division

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Monday5/2/20226:00 PMTransfigurationSt. Valentine (R)Transfiguration
Monday5/2/20227:15 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. SuzanneTransfiguration
Monday5/2/20227:15 PMSt. Mary (R)Holy Family (R)Western / Graham
Monday5/9/20227:15 PMHoly Family (R)O.L.G.C (GN)St. John Neumann
Monday5/9/20226:00 PMSt. Mary (R)TransfigurationTransfiguration
Monday5/9/20227:15 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. Thomas (B)Transfiguration
Monday5/16/20227:15 PMSt. Valentine (R)TransfigurationTransfiguration
Monday5/16/20226:00 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. Mary (R)Western / Graham
Monday5/16/20227:15 PMSt. SuzanneSt. Thomas (B)Western / Graham
Monday5/23/20226:00 PMSt. SuzanneO.L.G.C (GN)Transfiguration
Monday5/23/20226:00 PMHoly Family (R)TransfigurationWestern / Graham
Monday5/23/20227:15 PMSt. Mary (R)St. Valentine (R)Western / Graham
Wednesday5/25/20226:00 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. Linus (O)St. John Neumann
Wednesday6/1/20226:15 PMSt. Linus (O)Holy Family (R)Western / Graham
Wednesday6/1/20227:30 PMHoly Family (R)St. Linus (O)Western / Graham
Monday6/6/20226:15 PMSt. SuzanneHoly Family (R)St. John Neumann
Monday6/6/20226:15 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. Valentine (R)Transfiguration
Monday6/6/20227:30 PMTransfigurationO.L.G.C (GN)Transfiguration
Wednesday6/8/20226:15 PMSt. Linus (O)St. Mary (R)St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Wednesday6/8/20227:30 PMSt. Mary (R)St. Linus (O)St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Monday6/13/20227:30 PMSt. Mary (R)St. Thomas (B)St. John Neumann
Monday6/13/20226:15 PMO.L.G.C (GN)Holy Family (R)Transfiguration
Monday6/13/20227:30 PMTransfigurationSt. SuzanneTransfiguration
Wednesday6/15/20226:15 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. Linus (O)Western / Graham
Wednesday6/15/20227:30 PMSt. Linus (O)St. Valentine (R)Western / Graham
Monday6/20/20226:15 PMO.L.G.C (GN)TransfigurationTransfiguration
Monday6/20/20226:15 PMHoly Family (R)St. Valentine (R)Western / Graham
Monday6/20/20227:30 PMSt. Thomas (B)St. Mary (R)Western / Graham
Wednesday6/22/20226:15 PMSt. SuzanneSt. Linus (O)St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Wednesday6/22/20227:30 PMSt. Linus (O)St. SuzanneSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Monday6/27/20226:15 PMSt. Valentine (R)O.L.G.C (GN)St. Kenneth
Monday6/27/20227:30 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. Valentine (R)St. Kenneth
Monday6/27/20226:15 PMHoly Family (R)St. Thomas (B)Transfiguration
Monday6/27/20227:30 PMSt. Thomas (B)Holy Family (R)Transfiguration
Monday6/27/20226:15 PMSt. SuzanneSt. Mary (R)Western / Graham
Monday6/27/20227:30 PMSt. Mary (R)St. SuzanneWestern / Graham
Wednesday7/6/20227:30 PMTransfigurationSt. Linus (O)O.L. Sorrows
Monday7/11/20226:15 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. Thomas (B)Transfiguration
Monday7/11/20227:30 PMTransfigurationSt. Mary (R)Transfiguration
Monday7/11/20226:15 PMHoly Family (R)St. SuzanneWestern / Graham
Wednesday7/13/20226:15 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. Linus (O)O.L. Sorrows
Wednesday7/13/20227:30 PMSt. Linus (O)O.L.G.C (GN)O.L. Sorrows
Monday7/18/20226:15 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. SuzanneSt. Kenneth
Monday7/18/20226:15 PMSt. Thomas (B)TransfigurationTransfiguration
Monday7/18/20227:30 PMTransfigurationSt. Thomas (B)Transfiguration
Monday7/18/20226:15 PMSt. Valentine (R)Holy Family (R)Western / Graham
Monday7/18/20227:30 PMSt. Mary (R)St. Linus (O)O.L. Sorrows
Wednesday7/20/20227:30 PMSt. Linus (O)TransfigurationSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Monday7/25/20226:15 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. SuzanneSt. John Neumann
Monday7/25/20227:30 PMSt. SuzanneSt. Valentine (R)St. John Neumann
Monday7/25/20227:30 PMTransfigurationHoly Family (R)Transfiguration
Monday7/25/20226:15 PMSt. Mary (R)O.L.G.C (GN)Western / Graham
Wednesday7/27/20226:15 PMSt. Linus (O)St. Thomas (B)St. John Neumann
Monday8/1/20226:15 PMHoly Family (R)St. Mary (R)St. Kenneth
Monday8/1/20227:30 PMSt. Valentine (R)St. Mary (R)St. Kenneth
Monday8/1/20226:15 PMSt. SuzanneTransfigurationTransfiguration
Monday8/1/20227:30 PMSt. Thomas (B)O.L.G.C (GN)Transfiguration