Northwest Catholic Softball League

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Atlantic Division

Moved game on Tuesday 6/25/2024 St. Linus (O) vs O.L.G.C (GN) to Monday 6/24/2024, creating a Double Header, Posted 4/25/2024

O.L.G.C (GN) vs O.L. Sorrows at St. Kenneth will move to 8/5/2024 at St. Kenneth as a Double header, Posted 5/3/2024

Field and time change for St. Mary (W) vs O.L.G.C. (B) to St. John Neumann at 6:15 PM on 8/5/2024, Posted 5/3/2024

Rain out from 6/5/2024 St. Mary (B) vs O.L. Sorrows moved to 7/24/2024 as a double header, Posted 6/6/2024

Field and time change on 7/24/2024 for Holy Family (R) vs St. Linus (O) from Our Lady of Sorrows to St. Mary at 6:15, Posted 6/6/2024

Rain out from 6/5/2024 St. Linus (O) vs St. Aidan moved to 7/15/2024 at 6:15 at St. John Neumann, this will cause two games for the week, Posted 6/6/2024

Please contact your division secretary if you find any issues.

Monday4/29/20246:00 PMSt. AidanSt. Mary (R)Bell Creek
Monday4/29/20246:00 PMO.L. SorrowsO.L.G.C (GN)St. Kenneth
Wednesday5/1/20246:00 PMHoly Family (B)Holy Family (R)Bell Creek
Wednesday5/1/20247:15 PMSt. Linus (O)St. Mary (B)Bell Creek
Monday5/6/20246:00 PMO.L.G.C (GN)Holy Family (R)St. Kenneth
Monday5/6/20246:00 PMSt. AidanSt. Mary (R)St. John Neumann
Wednesday5/8/20246:00 PMHoly Family (B)O.L. SorrowsSt. John Neumann
Wednesday5/8/20247:15 PMO.L. SorrowsHoly Family (B)St. John Neumann
Wednesday5/8/20247:15 PMSt. AidanSt. Linus (O)St. Mary
Monday5/13/20246:00 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. Mary (R)Bell Creek
Monday5/13/20247:15 PMHoly Family (R)St. AidanBell Creek
Wednesday5/15/20246:00 PMO.L. SorrowsSt. Linus (O)Bell Creek
Wednesday5/15/20247:15 PMSt. Mary (B)Holy Family (B)Bell Creek
Monday5/20/20247:15 PMSt. Linus (O)St. Mary (R)Transfiguration
Tuesday5/21/20246:00 PMHoly Family (B)O.L.G.C (GN)Bell Creek
Wednesday5/22/20246:00 PMO.L. SorrowsSt. AidanBell Creek
Wednesday5/22/20247:15 PMSt. Mary (B)Holy Family (R)Bell Creek
Monday6/3/20246:15 PMHoly Family (R)O.L.G.C (GN)Bell Creek
Tuesday6/4/20246:15 PMSt. Mary (R)Holy Family (B)St. Mary
Wednesday6/5/20246:15 PMSt. Linus (O)St. AidanOur Lady of Sorrows
Wednesday6/5/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (B)O.L. SorrowsOur Lady of Sorrows
Monday6/10/20246:15 PMSt. Mary (R)St. Linus (O)Transfiguration
Monday6/10/20247:30 PMHoly Family (R)O.L. SorrowsTransfiguration
Tuesday6/11/20247:30 PMSt. AidanO.L.G.C (GN)St. Kenneth
Wednesday6/12/20247:30 PMHoly Family (B)St. Mary (B)St. Mary
Monday6/17/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (R)O.L. SorrowsSt. Kenneth
Monday6/17/20246:15 PMSt. AidanHoly Family (R)Transfiguration
Tuesday6/18/20247:30 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. Mary (B)Bell Creek
Wednesday6/19/20247:30 PMSt. Linus (O)Holy Family (B)St. Mary
Monday6/24/20247:30 PMO.L. SorrowsHoly Family (R)St. John Neumann
Monday6/24/20246:15 PMSt. Linus (O)O.L.G.C (GN)Transfiguration
Monday6/24/20247:30 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. Linus (O)Transfiguration
Tuesday6/25/20246:15 PMHoly Family (B)St. Mary (R)Bell Creek
Wednesday6/26/20246:15 PMSt. AidanSt. Mary (B)St. Mary
Wednesday6/26/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (B)St. AidanSt. Mary
Monday7/8/20246:15 PMSt. Mary (R)St. AidanBell Creek
Tuesday7/9/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (B)O.L.G.C (GN)St. John Neumann
Wednesday7/10/20246:15 PMHoly Family (R)Holy Family (B)Bell Creek
Wednesday7/10/20247:30 PMSt. Linus (O)O.L. SorrowsBell Creek
Monday7/15/20246:15 PMO.L. SorrowsSt. Mary (R)Bell Creek
Monday7/15/20246:15 PMSt. Linus (O)St. AidanSt. John Neumann
Tuesday7/16/20246:15 PMO.L.G.C (GN)St. AidanSt. Mary
Wednesday7/17/20246:15 PMHoly Family (B)St. Linus (O)St. Mary
Wednesday7/17/20247:30 PMHoly Family (R)St. Mary (B)St. Mary
Monday7/22/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (R)O.L.G.C (GN)Bell Creek
Wednesday7/24/20246:15 PMSt. Mary (B)O.L. SorrowsOur Lady of Sorrows
Wednesday7/24/20247:30 PMO.L. SorrowsSt. Mary (B)Our Lady of Sorrows
Wednesday7/24/20246:15 PMHoly Family (R)St. Linus (O)St. Mary
Wednesday7/24/20247:30 PMSt. AidanHoly Family (B)St. Mary
Monday7/29/20246:15 PMSt. Mary (R)Holy Family (R)Our Lady of Sorrows
Monday7/29/20247:30 PMHoly Family (R)St. Mary (R)Our Lady of Sorrows
Tuesday7/30/20247:30 PMO.L.G.C (GN)Holy Family (B)Bell Creek
Wednesday7/31/20246:15 PMSt. AidanO.L. SorrowsOur Lady of Sorrows
Wednesday7/31/20247:30 PMSt. Mary (B)St. Linus (O)Our Lady of Sorrows
Monday8/5/20246:15 PMO.L.G.C (GN)O.L. SorrowsSt. Kenneth
Monday8/5/20247:30 PMO.L. SorrowsO.L.G.C (GN)St. Kenneth
Tuesday8/6/20246:15 PMSt. Mary (B)St. Mary (R)St. Mary
Tuesday8/6/20247:15 PMSt. Mary (R)St. Mary (B)St. Mary
Wednesday8/7/20246:15 PMHoly Family (B)St. AidanBell Creek
Wednesday8/7/20247:30 PMSt. Linus (O)Holy Family (R)Bell Creek