Northwest Catholic Softball League

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Federal Division

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Tuesday5/3/20226:00 PMSt. SabinaSt. PriscillaSt. Colette
Tuesday5/3/20227:15 PMSt. DunstanSt. ColetteSt. Colette
Tuesday5/3/20226:00 PMSt. EdithO.L.G.C. (B)St. John Neumann
Tuesday5/3/20227:15 PMSt. Mary (G)St. John (B)St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday5/10/20226:00 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. ColetteSt. Colette
Tuesday5/10/20226:00 PMSt. EdithSt. SabinaSt. Kenneth
Tuesday5/10/20227:15 PMSt. PriscillaSt. Mary (G)St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday5/10/20226:00 PMSt. John (B)St. DunstanTransfiguration
Tuesday5/17/20226:00 PMSt. ColetteSt. EdithSt. Colette
Tuesday5/17/20227:15 PMSt. DunstanO.L.G.C. (B)St. Colette
Tuesday5/17/20226:00 PMSt. Mary (G)St. John (B)St. John Neumann
Tuesday5/17/20227:15 PMSt. John (B)St. Mary (G)St. John Neumann
Tuesday5/17/20226:00 PMSt. PriscillaSt. SabinaTransfiguration
Tuesday5/17/20227:15 PMSt. SabinaSt. PriscillaTransfiguration
Tuesday5/24/20226:00 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. SabinaSt. Colette
Tuesday5/24/20227:15 PMSt. EdithSt. PriscillaSt. Colette
Tuesday5/24/20226:00 PMSt. John (B)St. ColetteSt. John Neumann
Tuesday5/24/20226:00 PMSt. Mary (G)St. DunstanSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday5/31/20226:15 PMSt. ColetteSt. DunstanSt. Colette
Tuesday5/31/20227:30 PMSt. DunstanSt. ColetteSt. Colette
Tuesday5/31/20226:15 PMSt. SabinaSt. Mary (G)St. Kenneth
Tuesday5/31/20227:30 PMSt. PriscillaSt. John (B)Transfiguration
Tuesday5/31/20226:15 PMSt. EdithO.L.G.C. (B)Western / Graham
Tuesday5/31/20227:30 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. EdithWestern / Graham
Tuesday6/7/20226:15 PMSt. SabinaSt. ColetteSt. Colette
Tuesday6/7/20227:30 PMSt. DunstanSt. EdithSt. Colette
Tuesday6/7/20227:30 PMSt. Mary (G)St. PriscillaSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday6/7/20226:15 PMSt. John (B)O.L.G.C. (B)Transfiguration
Tuesday6/14/20226:15 PMSt. PriscillaSt. DunstanSt. Colette
Tuesday6/14/20227:30 PMSt. ColetteO.L.G.C. (B)St. Colette
Tuesday6/14/20226:15 PMSt. SabinaSt. John (B)Transfiguration
Tuesday6/14/20227:30 PMSt. EdithSt. Mary (G)Transfiguration
Tuesday6/21/20226:15 PMSt. ColetteSt. SabinaSt. Colette
Tuesday6/21/20227:30 PMSt. DunstanSt. John (B)St. Colette
Tuesday6/21/20226:15 PMSt. Mary (G)St. EdithSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday6/21/20227:30 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. PriscillaTransfiguration
Tuesday6/28/20226:15 PMSt. PriscillaSt. ColetteSt. Colette
Tuesday6/28/20227:30 PMSt. SabinaSt. DunstanSt. Colette
Tuesday6/28/20226:15 PMSt. John (B)St. EdithSt. John Neumann
Tuesday6/28/20227:30 PMSt. Mary (G)O.L.G.C. (B)St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday7/5/20226:15 PMSt. DunstanSt. SabinaSt. Colette
Tuesday7/5/20227:30 PMSt. ColetteSt. PriscillaSt. Colette
Tuesday7/5/20226:15 PMSt. EdithSt. John (B)St. John Neumann
Tuesday7/5/20226:15 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. Mary (G)St. Kenneth
Tuesday7/12/20227:30 PMSt. ColetteSt. Mary (G)St. Colette
Tuesday7/12/20226:15 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. John (B)St. Kenneth
Tuesday7/12/20226:15 PMSt. SabinaSt. EdithSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday7/12/20227:30 PMSt. DunstanSt. PriscillaSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday7/19/20226:15 PMSt. ColetteSt. John (B)St. Colette
Tuesday7/19/20227:30 PMSt. PriscillaO.L.G.C. (B)St. Colette
Tuesday7/19/20227:30 PMSt. Mary (G)St. SabinaSt. Kenneth
Tuesday7/19/20227:30 PMSt. EdithSt. DunstanTransfiguration
Tuesday7/26/20227:30 PMSt. EdithSt. ColetteSt. Colette
Tuesday7/26/20227:30 PMSt. John (B)St. PriscillaSt. John Neumann
Tuesday7/26/20226:15 PMSt. DunstanSt. Mary (G)St. Kenneth
Tuesday7/26/20226:15 PMSt. SabinaO.L.G.C. (B)Transfiguration
Tuesday8/2/20226:15 PMSt. John (B)St. SabinaSt. John Neumann
Tuesday8/2/20227:30 PMSt. Mary (G)St. ColetteSt. Mary, Cause of Our Joy
Tuesday8/2/20226:15 PMSt. PriscillaSt. EdithTransfiguration
Tuesday8/2/20227:30 PMO.L.G.C. (B)St. DunstanTransfiguration