Northwest Catholic Softball League

Rainout updates


Rainout Updates

In the event that rain may cause a field to be unplayable, the Managers of the first game are responsible to  determine if the field is playable or not, and report to the League Secretary-Treasurer and all other teams scheduled by 5:00 pm on the day of the scheduled game. Rained out games will be rescheduled by the League Secretary-Treasurer as soon as possible, subject to field availability.

As of June 3 2021
InternationalWednesday6/16/20216:15 PMOL SorrowsSt. Linus (O)OL of Loretto
InternationalWednesday6/16/20217:30 PMSt. AidanSt. Mary (B)St. Mary Cause of Our Joy
InternationalWednesday6/16/20216:15 PMSt. Michael (R)Holy Family (B)Western/Graham
AmericanTuesday6/22/20216:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Valentine (W)Western/Graham
FederalMonday6/28/20216:15 PMResurrectionSt. SabinaOur Lady of Loretto
AtlanticMonday7/19/20216:15 PMSt. SuzanneSt. Mary (R)St. Mary Cause of Our Joy
FederalThursday7/22/20217:30 PMSt. Mary (G)St. PriscillaSt. Mary Cause of Our Joy
FederalMonday7/26/20216:15 PMSt. SabinaTransfigurationTransfiguration
AmericanTuesday7/27/20216:15 PMSt. EdithOLGC (B)St. John Neumann
AmericanMonday7/27/20216:15 PMSt. Robert (B)St. Thomas (R)Transfiguration
AtlanticWednesday7/28/20217:30 PMSt. Valentine (R)Holy Family (R)Western/Graham
PacificMonday8/2/20216:15 PMSt. JamesO.L. of LorettoOur Lady of Loretto
AmericanMonday8/2/20217:30 PMSt. EdithSt. Thomas (R)St. Mary Cause of Our Joy
PacificMonday8/2/20216:15 PMSt. Mary (W)St. DamianTransfiguration
FederalMonday8/2/20217:30 PMSt. PriscillaSt. SabinaTransfiguration
InternationalTuesday8/3/20216:15 PMOL SorrowsSt. Michael (R)St. Mary Cause of Our Joy
InternationalTuesday8/3/20217:30 PMSt. Linus (O)Holy Family (B)St. Mary Cause of Our Joy